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Roof Restoration Step 1 – Inspection & Quote

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The roof is measured accurately using a rolling wheel measure to ensure the best quote for you prior to your roof being restored. During this process, all aspects of damage are noted. Any damage to guttering will be raised with the client to enable repair or replacement to ensure proper flow.

Cracked or damaged tiles will be ordered and replaced.

Not to worry though as ridge cap jointing does not affect the quote due to the fact we always replace this and use a flexible durable compound to allow for weather changes.

Step 1

Inspect and quote

Inspect roof for any damage

Inspect roof for any damage

Inspect roof for crack tiles

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Roof Restoration

Trend Painting Solutions quote based on the square metre of your roof, not depending on how much we think you will spend like other companies. Our quotes are always competitive and we will beat any written quote by 10%.

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