Things to check before getting a roof restoration

We get called out for roof restorations due to many factors some of them are;

  1. Improve the value of your property
  2. Changing the look of your home
  3. Waterproofing the roof and
  4. Having problems with a leaking roof

While these are all great reasons to get a roof restoration, when you are suffering with a leaking roof sometimes there can be underlying factors that can be a more cost effective repair before you undertake this, especially with layered roofing (when you have a roof at single height and one at double height).


Leaves, rotted or leaking gutters

Blocked gutters when there is heavy rain can cause an effect that seems like your roof is leaking, it blocks the water flow and the water then comes over the edge of the guttering at it lowest bow. This will put a huge waterfall like run onto the lower roof causing the water to go underneath the tiles.

This will cause water to come into your home at a rapid rate.

Similarly, with single tiled roof, the guttering can cause it to flow back under the eaves causing the same problem and extensive damage.


Cracked Tiles

While cracked tiles can be hard to spot, again in heavy rain can cause leaking in the roof space causing damage slowly over a period of time.

So if you notice any bowing or brown patching or black spotting, this could be the cause.

At Trend Painting Solutions, we always check to make sure all these factors are covered and don’t just spray your roof.

We feel it is part of our job to ensure that when we deal with a client that they should be confident in knowing that we put the customer first and do not undertake unnecessary work ever.

If you would like a roof inspection or a quote give Joel or the team a call on 0412 486 177.

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