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Roof Restoration Gold Coast & Tweed Heads

The Gold Coast climate is tough on your roof. Cement tiles often show considerable loss of their original colour in as little as 10 years. This is due mostly to oxidisation and salt born air and heat. Tiles become porous and absorb moisture which adds weight to your roof and leads to movement and eventually cracking and broken tiles. If your roof is leaking, missing tiles or looking worn and torn the team at Trend Painting Solutions can bring it back to life.

Mansion Complete restoration
Mansion Complete restoration

Experts in roof restorations

Do it right first time

Trend Painting Solutions has repaired recapped and restored tile and Colorbond roofs on the Gold Coast for the past two decades. We understand the problems you may be experiencing, whether your looking to seal a leaky roof or add value and fully restore and repaint your roof, Trend Painting Solutions has the expertise to help with affordable roof restoration on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tweed.

We only charge what the job costs so you can be assured your roof restoration won’t break the bank. No fuss no mess.

When should my roof be restored?

Your roof would normally need a restoration when your roofing material becomes old and weathered. Your cement tiles or colorbond/tin sheeting will start to deteriorate and develop problems such as cracking, lifting, or worse, leaking. It’s recommended to invest in the restoration of your roof as soon as it’s needed, to avoid spending much more on a totally neglected roof in the long run. Contact our friendly team today for your obligation free quote and detailed report.

Gutter clean prior to roof restoration
Gutter clean prior to roof restoration
Joel from Trend Painting Solutions
Joel from Trend Painting Solutions

Licensed and experienced

Your property is in good hands

Trend Painting Solutions adheres to strict industry guidelines, which include the health and safety of our team and accreditation by the QBCC. Licensed and insured, we provide our clients with the full backing Taubmans the leading paint brand, so you can rest assured knowing your property will be finished to the highest standard by our professional team and that your property will maintain its beautiful new street appeal for years to come.

Complete Restoration Video

This video is a 3 minute instructional movie to help you understand the process of a complete roof restoration. It includes the optional exterior matching and as you will see it definitely adds to the completed result.

Our total completion is based over a couple of days depending on repairs and size of the roof to be repainted. We always create a clean and safe environment so you can be assured of a professional finish.

Colour charts can be viewed online and we are also able to assist in colours that are currently trending in the housing market.

Roof restoration steps

Roof inspection prior to roof restoration

Step 1 – Inspection and measure

Roof restoration Step 1

Prior to roof restoration, the roof and guttering is fully inspected for damage, wear and tear. It is also fully measured to enable our specialists to accurately price up your job, with no hidden extras.

Roof and gutter clean using high pressure washer

Step 2 – High pressure clean

Roof restoration Step 2

We then get to clean the roof. Once the roof is free from debris, we then use a high pressure buffing washer. This removes the in-ground dirt and any grease that is left and will identify any other damage, cracks or worn joints.

Sealing the Ridge Capping with flexible sealer

Step 3 – Repair and replace

Roof restoration Step 3

We then set out doing roof repairs, replacing any tiles or ridge caps that are broken or cracked and reseating any that have moved over time. Next we reseal all joints with flexible compound and repoint all ridge capping.

Application of undercoat, sealer

Step 4 – Sealer and undercoat

Roof restoration Step 4

Application of a quality acrylic sealer and undercoat system, designed specifically for adhesion and waterproofing is sprayed and allowed to cure for long lasting results.

Roofing membrane for final finish of roof restoration

Step 5 – Roofing membrane

Roof restoration Step 5

Finally to complete your Gold Coast roof restoration, the roof is repainted using a flexible Globalcote roofing membrane coloured to your choice. We continually spray the surface with multiple coats to ensure thickness and durability guaranteed.

Exterior paint and colour match

Step 6 – Exterior clean and repaint

Roof restoration Step 6

Optionally, we will also clean and repaint the exterior of your home to ensure a complete overhaul of your property, giving you that new home look.

  • Replacement of chipped and broken tiles
  • Secure all flashing, valleys
  • High pressure clean tiles, remove dirt oxidisation and moss/lichen
  • Clean out guttering system and down pipes
  • Re-bed and re-point all hips, ridges with flexi point
  • Spray roof with a penetrating coat of sealer
  • Roof painting – we apply 2 coats of Globalcoat acrylic membrane in your desired colour
  • Roof is thoroughly checked to comply with Australian standards
  • All jobs are cleaned and waste material removed from site

To keep your roof or exterior painting looking good for years to come, Trend Painting Solutions have 32 tried and tested Colorbond colours that will cope with the Gold Coast diverse weather patterns and temperatures. We offer a 10 year product guarantee and warranty for all the services we provide.

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Roof Restoration

Trend Painting Solutions quote based on the square metre of your roof, not depending on how much we think you will spend like other companies. Our quotes are always competitive and we will beat any written quote by 10%.

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