Important tips for selecting an exterior paint colour

When picking an exterior paint colour, take into consideration the colours that are already present for example the roof, colour of your bricks, render or wood.

Light coloured exterior paint will make a small house seem bigger and dark colours will make a larger sized house appear smaller.

A big box like house can be broken up and given character and definition by using a trim colour that contrasts the homes main body colour.

A small house can actually look larger if the trim is painted the same colour as the main body of the home.
*Light colours help to keep a house cooler in warm – hot climates such as the Gold Coast as light colours reflect heat. Darker colours will help keep a house warmer in cool – cold climates as they absorb the heat.

**One thing to note though is that due to light coloured exterior paints absorbing less heat they will in general last longer than dark coloured paints before they need redoing.

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